Facts about Management Quota Admission in Engineering Colleges in Bangalore


Admission in engineering colleges in Bangalore through Management Quota

Competition in the engineering world, much like all other streams, is huge. Students with lower marks in class 12th do not get an opportunity to study in the best engineering colleges. Since the shaping of your career begins at the college level; Bangalore has extended several opportunities for such students as well. There are provisions for direct admission in top engineering colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore colleges also provide opportunities for direct admission to NRI students. In this article, we will introduce all facts related to direct admission in top engineering colleges in Bangalore.

Management quota admission in engineering colleges in Bangalore

Several colleges in Bangalore reserve some percentage of seats under management quota. Even the most reputed and to colleges of Bangalore offer admission through management quota. There is a fixed donation that the colleges charge for such type of admission. There are also admission criteria for admission through management quota.

  • For Bachelor Degree: Should have passed 10+2 or PUC, scored minimum 45% marks in science, math, and computer science subjects.
  • For Master Degree: Minimum 50% marks in bachelor’s degree

NRI quota admission in engineering colleges in Bangalore

The NRI quota is for the international students or NRI (Non-Resident Indian) students. This involves reserving a percentage of seats in the college for NRI students and international students. It may be considered as a classification of Management Quota. There is a defined NRI quota admission fee, depending upon the fee structure of engineering colleges in Bangalore.

The courses offered, study material, classrooms, staff etc. Remain the same for management quota and NRI quota students in all colleges. Special assistance, accommodations etc. might be provided to students under NRI quota in some colleges. This is for their comfort during studies, as they are in a different country. Some colleges in Bangalore have highly evolved in the facilities they provide for NRI quota students.

Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore offering Management Quota and NRI Quota Admissions

Nowadays, almost every college in Bangalore reserves seats for Management Quota and NRI quota. The admission fees differ depending upon the facilities provided by the colleges. The fee structure of engineering colleges in Bangalore depends on whether it is a private or government institute and depending upon its facilities. Some of the top colleges offering Management quota as well as NRI quota as per their ranking are listed below:


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