Modes and Facts about Direct Admission in Bangalore Engineering Colleges


Admission in Engineering colleges in bangalore


Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is nowadays the hub of engineering colleges and students. A lot of us have been hearing about direct admission in Bangalore Engineering Colleges but do not have enough information about it. This research begins in class 12th or post class 12th examinations. Since Bangalore has emerged as the centre of education for engineering students; it has various avenues for admission to its colleges. When the phrase direct admission in top engineering colleges is referred, it mainly signifies admission through management quota. However, there are colleges that offer direct admission without management quota as well. Let us understand each separately.

Direct admission in engineering college without donation

The first mode of getting direct admission to colleges in Bangalore is through your 12th class percentage. Yes, this is, in fact, true that many of the reputed top-class institutions of Bangalore take students directly on the basis of your 12th class mark sheet. This obviously entails a higher percentage in all subjects especially, mathematics and science. Your percentage criteria for such a direct admission in Bangalore engineering colleges would be 90 above. This is also completely at the discretion of the institute.

Many career consultants have also emerged these days, who promise to provide you direct admission in engineering college without donation and with lower tuition fees. However, they have their own charges, which might be lower than the donation charges of the colleges. It is advisable, however, to be very careful about such agents. Do prior research about the agents before taking assistance from them.

Direct admission in engineering colleges in Bangalore via donation

Next mode of admission to Bangalore engineering colleges and the most popular mode in case of direct admission is through management quota. This mode involves the give and takes of donation money; however, there is a minimum percentage criterion required too. Usually, colleges in Bangalore will agree for a direct admission if you have a minimum score of 45% in mathematics and science subjects in class 12th. Individual colleges, however, may have their separate criteria which may change from time to time. Usually, direct admission in top engineering colleges of Bangalore would require some amount of donation or higher fees. With the growth in the competition and growing number of students with limited seats in colleges, this donation amount is increasing. For students with a lower percentage in class 12th, this is an open opportunity to do well going forward.

Most of the top colleges in Bangalore offer some percentage of seats under management quota. The list of such colleges includes:



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