Types of Sir MVIT Admission Quotas

Admission in SIR MVIT


Admission in Sir MVIT:

If one were set to find the best colleges in Karnataka, one would certainly have to come across the much-reputed SIR MVIT. Established in 1986, the institution has had numerous educational milestones attained and strung together over the years, only to achieve the status of being one of the most-sought institutions today. If it could mean something (and it definitely would), SIR MVIT comes off as one of the top twenty-five colleges in the whole of India.

Such a college as this, no doubt, only can come behind a paywall – if, of course, you don’t satisfy the norms where the government can help you. SIR MVIT has a reserved set of seats for students who want to go through the channels of management quota. Management quota admission in SIR MVIT comes to a tad too costly, and the fees structure itself could go as far as 16 lakhs for the full expanse of four years.

And of course, there are a few things you have to have besides money to warrant yourself as being eligible for the management quota. SIR MVIT management quota channels are available to only those who have at least over forty-five percent of their PCM subjects. You also have to have completed tenth and twelfth grades, with an optional subject. If you satisfy these prerequisites, and you have enough money for the management (it varies for different departments), you can get through with the management quota.

Similar to it, the NRI quota admission in SIR MVIT also has a way to get through. With some relaxation, there are a very few reserved seats for the non-resident Indians. Although they have only a few seats for the non-resident Indians, this is a plausible way to consider, if you happen to be a non-resident Indian. Of course, when it comes to the point that there are too many to consider, the general criteria are considered whom to let in and whom not to.


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